immense Definition

extremely large or great, especially in scale or degree.

Using immense: Examples

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    The task ahead of us is immense and will require a lot of effort.

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    The universe is an immense and mysterious place.

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    The company has achieved immense success in a short period of time.

immense Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for immense

Idioms Using immense

  • a very large quantity of something


    The project required an immense amount of time and resources.

  • immense possibilities

    great potential for success or achievement


    The new technology offers immense possibilities for improving healthcare.

  • a feeling of great pleasure or contentment


    Completing the marathon gave her immense satisfaction.

Phrases with immense

  • great strength or force


    The hurricane hit the coast with immense power.

  • immense wealth

    a large amount of money or assets


    The billionaire had amassed immense wealth through his business ventures.

  • a high level of stress or tension


    The athlete felt immense pressure to win the championship.

Origins of immense

from Latin 'immensus', meaning 'unmeasured'


Summary: immense in Brief

The term 'immense' [ɪˈmɛns] refers to something that is extremely large or great, often in scale or degree. It can be used to describe things like tasks, success, or the universe, as in 'The universe is an immense and mysterious place.' 'Immense' also appears in phrases like 'immense power,' and idioms like 'immense satisfaction,' conveying a sense of great pleasure or contentment.

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