monstrous Definition

  • 1very large; enormous
  • 2frighteningly ugly or evil
  • 3extremely or shockingly bad or wrong

Using monstrous: Examples

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  • Example

    The monstrous creature towered over the city buildings.

  • Example

    The monstrous storm caused widespread damage.

  • Example

    The monstrous act of violence shocked the community.

  • Example

    The monstrous lie he told ruined his reputation.

monstrous Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using monstrous

  • to make an excessive or unreasonable amount of noise, commotion, or protest about something


    She made a monstrous fuss about the restaurant's service, demanding to speak to the manager.

  • an insatiable or voracious desire for food or other things


    He had a monstrous appetite for sweets, often eating an entire bag of candy in one sitting.

  • a very big or outrageous lie


    He told a monstrous lie about his qualifications, claiming to have a degree from a prestigious university.

Phrases with monstrous

  • a phrase used to describe a group of people, especially women, who are seen as behaving in an unacceptable way


    He complained about the monstrous regiment of feminists taking over the university.

  • a term used to describe a child born with a physical deformity or abnormality


    The villagers were horrified when they saw the monstrous birth of the baby.

  • a term used by Prince Charles to describe modern architecture that he considers ugly and out of place


    The proposed building was criticized as a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved friend.

Origins of monstrous

from Old French 'monstrueux', from Latin 'monstruosus', from 'monstrum' meaning 'monster'


Summary: monstrous in Brief

The adjective 'monstrous' [ˈmɒnstrəs] describes something that is very large, frighteningly ugly or evil, or extremely bad or wrong. It can be used to describe physical size, as in 'The monstrous creature towered over the city buildings,' or moral character, as in 'The monstrous act of violence shocked the community.' 'Monstrous' also appears in idioms like 'make a monstrous fuss,' denoting excessive noise or protest, and 'a monstrous appetite,' indicating insatiable desire.