indeed Definition

  • 1used to emphasize a statement or response confirming something already suggested
  • 2used to introduce a further and stronger or more surprising point

Using indeed: Examples

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  • Example

    Indeed, I have seen that movie before.

  • Example

    It was a difficult task, but she succeeded indeed.

  • Example

    The weather is beautiful today. Indeed, it is perfect for a picnic.

  • Example

    He is indeed a talented musician.

indeed Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for indeed

Phrases with indeed

  • an emphatic way of saying 'yes'


    A: Do you want to go to the concert tonight? B: Yes indeed, I would love to.

  • quite/indeed the opposite

    completely different from what has been said or suggested


    I thought he was a good person, but quite/indeed the opposite was true.

  • very/so much indeed

    used to emphasize agreement or confirmation


    A: This is a great restaurant. B: Very/So much indeed! I love the food here.

Origins of indeed

from Old English 'in dede', meaning 'in fact'


Summary: indeed in Brief

The adverb 'indeed' [ɪnˈdiːd] emphasizes and confirms a statement or introduces a stronger or surprising point. It is often used to express agreement or confirmation, as in 'Yes indeed,' and to indicate a complete difference from what has been suggested, as in 'quite/indeed the opposite.' 'Indeed' can also be used to describe the degree of something, as in 'He is indeed a talented musician.'

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