much Definition

  • 1a large amount or quantity of something
  • 2to a great extent; a lot

Using much: Examples

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  • Example

    There is much work to be done.

  • Example

    I don't have much time left.

  • Example

    She ate too much for dinner.

  • Example

    He is much taller than his brother.

much Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for much

Idioms Using much

  • a lot of fuss or attention given to something that is not important


    The media made much ado about the celebrity's new haircut.

  • not having a particular quality or skill to a significant degree


    He's not much of a dancer.

  • something that is good becomes unpleasant or harmful if experienced excessively


    Eating too much chocolate can be too much of a good thing.

Phrases with much

  • to the same degree or extent as


    I love you as much as I love your sister.

  • to such a great extent


    I miss you so much.

  • much of a

    used to emphasize that someone or something has a particular characteristic, often when it is not desirable


    He's not much of a cook.

Origins of much

from Old English 'mycel', meaning 'great in size or quantity'


Summary: much in Brief

The term 'much' [mสŒtสƒ] denotes a large amount or quantity of something, or a great extent. It is used as a determiner, pronoun, or adverb, as in 'There is much work to be done.' 'Much' extends into phrases like 'as much as,' and idioms like 'much ado about nothing,' denoting a lot of fuss over something unimportant, and 'too much of a good thing,' implying that something good can become unpleasant if experienced excessively.

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