inhumane Definition

  • 1without compassion for misery or suffering; cruel
  • 2not human in nature or character

Using inhumane: Examples

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  • Example

    The treatment of prisoners was described as inhumane.

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    It is inhumane to keep animals in such conditions.

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    The company's policies were criticized as inhumane and exploitative.

inhumane Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for inhumane

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Phrases with inhumane

  • cruel or abusive behavior towards humans or animals


    The refugees were subjected to inhumane treatment by the authorities.

  • inhumane conditions

    unbearable or unsuitable living or working conditions that cause physical or mental harm


    The workers were forced to work in inhumane conditions with no breaks or proper safety equipment.

  • actions that are cruel, violent, or degrading towards humans or animals


    The soldiers were accused of committing inhumane acts against civilians during the war.

Origins of inhumane

from Latin 'in-' meaning 'not' + 'humanus' meaning 'human'


Summary: inhumane in Brief

The term 'inhumane' [ɪnˈhjuːmeɪn] describes actions or conditions that lack compassion or kindness, often causing misery or suffering. It can refer to treatment of both humans and animals, exemplified by 'The treatment of prisoners was described as inhumane.' 'Inhumane' is an antonym of 'humane,' and synonyms include 'cruel' and 'barbaric.'