install Definition

  • 1to put a piece of equipment somewhere and connect it so that it is ready to be used
  • 2to put computer software onto a computer so that the computer can use it

Using install: Examples

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    The technician will install the new air conditioning unit tomorrow.

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    I need to install a new printer driver on my computer.

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    We are going to install a new security system in the building.

install Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with install

  • the number of units of a particular product that have been sold and are being used


    The company has a large install base for their popular video game.

  • a system where you pay for something in several smaller payments over a period of time


    I can't afford to pay for the car all at once, so I'm going to use an installment plan.

  • one of a series of payments that you make over a period of time in order to pay for something


    I have to make my monthly installment on my car loan.

Origins of install

from Old French 'installer', from Latin 'installare', from in- 'into' + stallum 'stall, place'


Summary: install in Brief

To 'install' [ɪnˈstɔːl] means to put equipment or software in place and connect it for use. This includes setting up new devices like air conditioning units or installing software on a computer. The term also includes phrases like 'install base,' which refers to the number of units of a product that have been sold and are being used.