intercourse Definition

  • 1communication or dealings between individuals or groups
  • 2sexual activity, especially sexual intercourse

Using intercourse: Examples

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    The two countries have had little intercourse since the war.

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    Sexual intercourse is a natural part of human life.

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    The book explores the role of intercourse in romantic relationships.

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    He was charged with having had unlawful intercourse with a minor.

intercourse Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using intercourse

  • to stop communication or interaction with someone or something


    The company cut off intercourse with its former partner after the dispute.

  • to refuse to communicate or associate with someone or something


    The community decided to have no intercourse with the new residents who refused to follow their customs.

  • the physical act of sexual activity between two people


    The couple engaged in sexual intercourse for the first time on their honeymoon.

Phrases with intercourse

  • to engage in sexual activity


    They were caught having intercourse in public.

  • social intercourse

    friendly and informal communication between people


    The party was a great opportunity for social intercourse among colleagues.

  • the exchange of ideas and knowledge between people


    The conference provided a platform for intellectual intercourse among scholars and researchers.

Origins of intercourse

from Latin 'intercursus', meaning 'a running between'


Summary: intercourse in Brief

The term 'intercourse' [ˈɪntəkɔːs] refers to communication or dealings between individuals or groups, as well as sexual activity. It can be used in contexts ranging from diplomatic relations to intimate relationships, exemplified by 'The book explores the role of intercourse in romantic relationships.' 'Intercourse' extends into phrases like 'have intercourse,' and idioms like 'cut off intercourse,' denoting the cessation of communication. The term has both formal and informal equivalents, such as 'communication' and 'hookup.'