invisible Definition

  • 1unable to be seen; not visible to the eye
  • 2not attracting attention; not prominent or obvious

Using invisible: Examples

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    The spy was trained to be invisible in the dark.

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    The impact of her work was invisible to most people.

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    The bacteria is invisible to the naked eye.

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    His contributions to the project were invisible but crucial.

invisible Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for invisible

Phrases with invisible

  • a type of ink that is invisible when applied to paper and can only be revealed by a specific method


    The secret message was written in invisible ink.

  • the concept that the market will regulate itself without government intervention, first introduced by Adam Smith in his book 'The Wealth of Nations'


    Adam Smith's theory of the invisible hand suggests that the market will naturally adjust to supply and demand without government interference.

  • a disability that is not immediately apparent or visible to others, such as chronic pain or mental illness


    People with invisible disabilities may face challenges that are not always recognized or accommodated by society.

Origins of invisible

from Latin 'invisibilis', from 'in-' (not) + 'visibilis' (able to be seen)


Summary: invisible in Brief

The word 'invisible' [ษชnหˆvษชzษ™bl] describes something that cannot be seen or is not noticeable. It can refer to physical objects like bacteria or abstract concepts like the impact of someone's work. Phrases like 'invisible ink' and 'invisible hand' have specific meanings. 'Invisible disability' refers to disabilities that are not immediately apparent. Synonyms include 'hidden' and 'concealed,' while antonyms include 'visible' and 'prominent.'

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