irreplaceable Definition

  • 1impossible to replace if lost or damaged
  • 2too valuable or rare to be replaced

Using irreplaceable: Examples

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    The painting is irreplaceable and cannot be restored.

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    Her knowledge and expertise are irreplaceable in this field.

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    The loss of the key witness was irreplaceable for the prosecution.

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    The company's reputation is irreplaceable and must be protected.

irreplaceable Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with irreplaceable

  • a natural resource that cannot be replenished once it has been depleted


    Fossil fuels are an irreplaceable resource that we must use wisely.

  • a person whose skills, knowledge, or personality traits are unique and cannot be easily replaced


    After his retirement, the company struggled to find an irreplaceable person to fill his position.

  • a loss that cannot be compensated for by anything else


    The death of a loved one is an irreplaceable loss that leaves a permanent void in our lives.


Summary: irreplaceable in Brief

The term 'irreplaceable' [ɪrɪˈpleɪsəbl] describes something that cannot be replaced if lost or damaged, or is too valuable or rare to be replaced. It can refer to people, resources, or things, such as 'The painting is irreplaceable and cannot be restored.' Synonyms include 'invaluable,' 'precious,' and 'unique.' The opposite of 'irreplaceable' is 'replaceable' or 'expendable.'