laborer Definition

a person who does unskilled physical work, especially outside.

Using laborer: Examples

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    The construction site employed many laborers.

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    He worked as a laborer on the farm during the summer.

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    The company hired several laborers to load and unload the trucks.

laborer Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for laborer

Phrases with laborer

  • a worker who performs physical work with their hands


    He started his career as a manual laborer in a factory.

  • a worker who is hired for a day or a few days at a time, usually for unskilled work


    The company hired several day laborers to help with the cleanup after the storm.

  • a worker who is employed only during a particular season of the year, such as a farm worker during harvest season


    Many farms rely on seasonal laborers to help with planting and harvesting crops.


Summary: laborer in Brief

'Laborer' [ˈleɪbərər] refers to a person who performs unskilled physical work, often outdoors. Examples include construction workers, farmhands, and warehouse employees. Phrases like 'manual laborer,' 'day laborer,' and 'seasonal laborer' specify different types of laborers. 'Laborer' is a formal term that can be replaced by 'worker' or 'employee.'