worker Definition

a person who works, especially one employed in a particular occupation or activity.

Using worker: Examples

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    The factory employs over 500 workers.

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    She is a social worker.

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    He is a construction worker.

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    The company has a team of skilled workers.

worker Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using worker

  • a person who is diligent and puts in a lot of effort into their work


    She is a hard worker who always goes the extra mile to get things done.

  • a team player

    a person who works well with others and contributes to the success of the group


    He is a team player who is always willing to help out his colleagues.

  • a person who works in an office environment and spends most of their time sitting at a desk


    I'm tired of being a desk jockey. I need to get more exercise.

Phrases with worker

  • a person who works with their hands, typically in a trade that requires physical labor


    My grandfather was a manual worker in a factory.

  • a person who works in an office environment, typically performing administrative or clerical tasks


    She is an office worker who handles customer service calls.

  • a person who is employed for a limited period of time each year, typically in industries such as agriculture or tourism


    The farm hires seasonal workers to help with the harvest.


Summary: worker in Brief

The term 'worker' [ˈwɜːrkər] refers to a person who is employed in a particular occupation or activity. It can refer to a wide range of professions, from manual workers to office workers. Common phrases include 'manual worker,' 'office worker,' and 'seasonal worker.' Idioms like 'a hard worker' and 'a team player' describe someone who is diligent and works well with others.

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