leisure Definition

time when one is not working or occupied; free time.

Using leisure: Examples

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    He spends his leisure time reading books.

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    I like to go hiking in my leisure time.

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    She enjoys painting during her leisure hours.

leisure Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using leisure

  • with free time available; not busy or occupied


    I will read the book at leisure this weekend.

  • take one's leisure

    to spend time in a relaxed and unhurried way


    After finishing the project, she took her leisure by going on a vacation.

  • a slow and relaxed speed or tempo


    We walked at a leisurely pace along the beach.

Phrases with leisure

  • an activity that is done for enjoyment during one's free time


    Playing video games is one of his favorite leisure activities.

  • a place where people can go to participate in leisure activities such as swimming, sports, and fitness classes


    The new leisure center has a gym, a pool, and a basketball court.

  • leisure suit

    a type of casual suit worn for leisure activities, typically made of synthetic fabrics and popular in the 1970s


    He wore a leisure suit to the disco party.

Origins of leisure

from Middle English 'leiser', meaning 'permission', from Old English 'lēger', meaning 'leave, permission'


Summary: leisure in Brief

'Leisure' [ˈlɛʒər] refers to free time or time when one is not working or occupied. It includes activities done for enjoyment, such as hiking or painting, and places like leisure centers. The idioms 'at leisure' and 'take one's leisure' denote relaxed and unhurried ways of spending time, while 'leisurely pace' describes a slow and relaxed speed.

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