lightly Definition

  • 1with little weight or force
  • 2in a gentle or delicate manner
  • 3without serious concern or deep thought

Using lightly: Examples

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  • Example

    She stepped lightly on the grass.

  • Example

    He touched her arm lightly to get her attention.

  • Example

    The cake was decorated with a lightly whipped cream.

  • Example

    She took the criticism lightly and moved on.

lightly Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for lightly

Phrases with lightly

  • to not take something seriously or to underestimate its importance


    You shouldn't take your health lightly, it's important to take care of yourself.

  • food that has been seasoned with a small amount of salt


    I prefer my popcorn lightly salted.

  • food that has been cooked in a small amount of oil for a short period of time


    The fish was lightly fried and served with a side salad.


Summary: lightly in Brief

The adverb 'lightly' [ˈlaɪtli] describes actions that are done with little weight or force, or in a gentle or delicate manner. It can also mean without serious concern or deep thought. Examples include 'She stepped lightly on the grass,' and 'She took the criticism lightly and moved on.' 'Lightly' extends into phrases like 'take something lightly,' and 'lightly salted,' denoting food that has been seasoned with a small amount of salt.

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