loathsome Definition

  • 1causing hatred or disgust; repulsive
  • 2feeling intense dislike or disgust; unwilling

Using loathsome: Examples

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  • Example

    The loathsome smell of rotten eggs filled the room.

  • Example

    I find the idea of eating insects loathsome.

  • Example

    He felt loathsome at the thought of lying to his friend.

  • Example

    The murderer's actions were described as loathsome by the judge.

loathsome Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with loathsome

  • a disease that is highly contagious and causes severe symptoms, often leading to death


    The town was quarantined due to an outbreak of a loathsome disease.

  • an animal or insect that is considered disgusting or repulsive


    The sight of the loathsome creature made her scream in terror.

  • actions or conduct that are considered morally reprehensible or socially unacceptable


    His loathsome behavior towards women led to his downfall.

Origins of loathsome

from Old English 'lāþ', meaning 'hostile'


Summary: loathsome in Brief

The term 'loathsome' [ˈləʊsəm] describes something that causes intense dislike or disgust, often being repulsive. It can refer to anything from smells to behaviors, as in 'The loathsome smell of rotten eggs filled the room.' 'Loathsome' can also be used to describe feelings of unwillingness, as in 'He felt loathsome at the thought of lying to his friend.' Synonyms include 'repugnant,' 'revolting,' and 'detestable,' while antonyms include 'appealing,' 'attractive,' and 'desirable.'

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