repugnant Definition

  • 1extremely distasteful; unacceptable
  • 2in conflict; incompatible

Using repugnant: Examples

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  • Example

    The smell from the dumpster was repugnant.

  • Example

    I find his behavior towards women repugnant.

  • Example

    The idea of eating insects is repugnant to many people.

  • Example

    The thought of working with him again is repugnant.

repugnant Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with repugnant

  • behavior or actions that are considered morally unacceptable or offensive


    The company's decision to exploit child labor is morally repugnant.

  • something that is illogical or irrational


    His argument was repugnant to reason and lacked any evidence to support it.

  • something that goes against the natural order of things


    The idea of cloning humans is repugnant to nature and raises ethical concerns.

Origins of repugnant

from Latin 'repugnant-', present participle stem of 'repugnare', meaning 'to fight against'


Summary: repugnant in Brief

'Repugnant' [riˈpʌɡnənt] describes something that is extremely distasteful, unacceptable, or incompatible. It can refer to anything from smells to behaviors, as in 'The smell from the dumpster was repugnant.' The term also extends into phrases like 'morally repugnant,' denoting behavior that is considered morally unacceptable, and 'repugnant to reason,' indicating something that is illogical or irrational.