lump Definition

  • 1a compact mass of a substance, especially one without a definite or regular shape
  • 2an area of swelling or soreness on the body
  • 3a person who is dull or heavy in manner or mind

Using lump: Examples

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  • Example

    There was a lump of clay on the table.

  • Example

    He has a lump on his forehead from the fall.

  • Example

    She's a bit of a lump, but she means well.

lump Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for lump

Phrases with lump

  • a single payment made at one time, rather than several smaller payments over a period of time


    The insurance company offered him a lump sum settlement for his injuries.

  • take one's lumps

    to accept the unpleasant consequences of one's actions


    He knew he had to take his lumps for breaking the rules.

  • lump in one's throat

    a feeling of tightness or emotion in one's throat, usually caused by sadness or strong feelings


    When she saw her daughter walk down the aisle, she felt a lump in her throat.

Origins of lump

from Middle English 'lumpe', probably related to Old Norse 'klumpa', meaning 'a heap'


Summary: lump in Brief

The term 'lump' [lʌmp] refers to a compact mass of a substance, an area of swelling or soreness on the body, or a person who is dull or heavy in manner or mind. It extends into phrases like 'lump sum,' denoting a single payment, and 'take one's lumps,' meaning to accept the consequences of one's actions.