makeup Definition

  • 1cosmetics applied to the face, used to enhance or alter appearance
  • 2the composition or constitution of something
  • 3a combination of different things that form a whole

Using makeup: Examples

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  • Example

    She always wears a lot of makeup.

  • Example

    The makeup of the committee was diverse.

  • Example

    The makeup of the soil affects plant growth.

  • Example

    The team's success was due to a winning makeup of players.

makeup Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for makeup

Phrases with makeup

  • a professional who applies cosmetics to models, actors, and other performers


    The makeup artist did an amazing job on the actor's face.

  • a cosmetic product used to remove makeup from the skin


    She used a gentle makeup remover to take off her mascara.

  • an exam taken by a student who missed the original exam due to illness or other reasons


    She had to take a makeup exam because she was sick on the day of the original test.


Summary: makeup in Brief

The term 'makeup' [ˈmeɪkʌp] refers to cosmetics applied to the face to enhance or alter appearance, as well as the composition or constitution of something. It can also refer to a combination of different things that form a whole, such as the makeup of a team. Phrases include 'makeup artist,' 'makeup remover,' and 'makeup exam.'

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