composition Definition

  • 1the act of creating something by putting different things together
  • 2a piece of music, art, or writing
  • 3the structure or makeup of something

Using composition: Examples

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    The composition of the painting is very impressive.

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    The composition of the soil affects the growth of plants.

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    He wrote a beautiful composition for the piano.

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    The composition of the committee was carefully chosen.

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    The composition of the atmosphere has changed over time.

composition Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for composition

Idioms Using composition

  • in the process of being put together or arranged


    The new product is still in composition and will be released next year.

  • not in the proper arrangement or structure


    The painting was criticized for being out of composition and lacking balance.

  • a technique used in meditation to visualize a specific location in detail


    During the meditation, she practiced the composition of place to calm her mind.

Phrases with composition

  • the arrangement of visual elements in a photograph


    The photographic composition of the portrait is stunning.

  • a piece of music created by combining different musical elements


    Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is considered one of the greatest musical compositions of all time.

  • a piece of writing created by combining different written elements


    Her written composition on the topic was well-researched and insightful.

Origins of composition

from Latin 'compositio', meaning 'putting together'


Summary: composition in Brief

The term 'composition' [ˌkɑːmpəˈzɪʃn] refers to the act of creating something by putting different things together, such as a piece of music, art, or writing. It can also refer to the structure or makeup of something, like the composition of soil or the atmosphere. Phrases like 'photographic composition' and 'musical composition' denote specific types of creative works, while idioms like 'in composition' and 'out of composition' describe the arrangement of things.

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