melt Definition

  • 1make or become liquefied by heat
  • 2disappear or cause to disappear gradually and imperceptibly
  • 3feel intense shame or embarrassment

Using melt: Examples

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  • Example

    The snowman melted in the sun.

  • Example

    The chocolate melts at a low temperature.

  • Example

    Her heart melted when she saw the puppy.

  • Example

    The ice cream is starting to melt.

  • Example

    His anger slowly melted away.

melt Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for melt

Phrases with melt

  • melt in one's mouth

    be deliciously light and tender


    The dessert was so good that it melted in my mouth.

  • melt someone's heart

    cause someone to feel love or affection


    The little girl's smile melted his heart.

  • undergo a process of melting, typically in order to be remodeled


    The old jewelry was melted down and turned into a new ring.


Summary: melt in Brief

To 'melt' [mɛlt] means to become liquid due to heat or to cause something to become liquid. It can also mean to disappear gradually or to feel intense shame or embarrassment. Examples include 'The snowman melted in the sun,' and 'Her heart melted when she saw the puppy.' Phrases include 'melt in one's mouth,' meaning to be deliciously light and tender, and 'melt someone's heart,' meaning to cause someone to feel love or affection.

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