misgovern Definition

  • 1to govern badly or wrongly
  • 2to mismanage

Using misgovern: Examples

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  • Example

    The country was misgoverned for years, leading to economic collapse.

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    The CEO's poor decisions misgoverned the company and led to its downfall.

  • Example

    The coach's misgovernance of the team resulted in a string of losses.

misgovern Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for misgovern

Phrases with misgovern

  • to behave badly or irresponsibly


    He misgoverned himself at the party, drinking too much and causing a scene.

  • to handle a situation poorly or ineffectively


    The police misgoverned the situation, escalating tensions and leading to violence.

  • misgovern a country

    to rule a country badly or ineffectively


    The dictator misgoverned the country for decades, leading to widespread poverty and oppression.


Summary: misgovern in Brief

'Misgovern' [mis-guhv-ern] is a verb meaning to govern badly or wrongly, or to mismanage. It can be used to describe situations ranging from economic collapse to sports team losses. Phrases like 'misgovern oneself' and 'misgovern a situation' extend its usage to personal behavior and specific events. Synonyms include 'misrule,' 'mishandle,' and 'misdirect.'