misology Definition

  • 1hatred of argument, reasoning, or discussion
  • 2distrust of reason or reasoning processes

Using misology: Examples

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    His misology made it difficult to have a productive conversation with him.

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    The rise of anti-intellectualism in politics is a sign of misology.

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    Misology can lead to a lack of progress and innovation in society.

misology Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for misology

Phrases with misology

  • a philosophical position that distrusts the use of reason and rationality in the pursuit of knowledge and truth


    Misology in philosophy can lead to skepticism and relativism.

  • a political stance that rejects intellectualism and expertise in favor of populist appeals and emotional rhetoric


    Misology in politics can lead to demagoguery and authoritarianism.

  • an educational approach that devalues critical thinking and inquiry-based learning in favor of rote memorization and standardized testing


    Misology in education can lead to a lack of creativity and innovation in students.

Origins of misology

from Greek 'misos' meaning 'hatred' and 'logos' meaning 'reason'


Summary: misology in Brief

'Misology' [mi-sol-uh-jee] refers to a dislike or distrust of argument, reasoning, or discussion. It can manifest as anti-intellectualism, irrationalism, or dogmatism, and can hinder progress and innovation in society. Misology can be seen in various fields, such as philosophy, politics, and education.