neglected Definition

  • 1suffering a lack of proper care; not receiving enough attention, love, or respect
  • 2not done or dealt with; disregarded

Using neglected: Examples

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    The neglected garden was overgrown with weeds and dead plants.

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    The neglected child was taken into custody by social services.

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    The neglected issue of climate change is now a global crisis.

neglected Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for neglected

Phrases with neglected

  • a group of parasitic and bacterial infections that affect more than one billion people worldwide, primarily in low-income populations


    Neglected tropical diseases include dengue fever, leprosy, and river blindness.

  • a condition in which children experience emotional, physical, and cognitive deficits as a result of neglect from their caregivers


    Children who suffer from neglected child syndrome may have difficulty forming attachments and developing social skills.

  • a person who possesses exceptional talent or intelligence but has been overlooked or undervalued by society


    Vincent van Gogh is often considered a neglected genius because he only sold one painting during his lifetime.


Summary: neglected in Brief

When something or someone is 'neglected' [nɪˈɡlɛktɪd], they are not given enough attention, care, or respect. This can refer to physical neglect, such as an overgrown garden, or emotional neglect, such as a child who is not receiving proper care from their parents. The term can also be used to describe issues or problems that are not being addressed, like the neglected issue of climate change. 'Neglected' can be replaced by synonyms like 'ignored' or 'abandoned,' and formal alternatives include 'disregarded' and 'unattended.'