net Definition

  • 1an openwork fabric made of threads or cords that are woven or knotted together at regular intervals
  • 2a piece of netting
  • 3remaining after expenses or deductions have been made

Using net: Examples

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  • Example

    The fisherman cast his net into the sea.

  • Example

    The basketball went through the net.

  • Example

    After taxes, her net income was $50,000.

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    The company's net profit increased by 10% this year.

  • Example

    The tennis ball got caught in the net.

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Idioms Using net

  • to escape or be missed by a system or process that is supposed to catch or include everything


    Some criminals slip through the net and are never caught by the police.

  • cast one's net wide

    to consider a wide range of options or possibilities


    When job hunting, it's important to cast your net wide and apply to many different companies.

  • successfully achieved or captured


    The team scored a goal and put the ball in the net.

Phrases with net

  • a system or policy designed to provide support and assistance to individuals or groups in need


    The government provides a safety net for those who are unemployed.

  • a fine net or gauze used as a protective covering to keep mosquitoes and other insects away


    We put up mosquito nets around our beds to avoid getting bitten.

  • a small, fine net worn over the hair to keep it in place


    The chef wore a hair net while cooking in the kitchen.


Summary: net in Brief

The term 'net' [net] refers to an openwork fabric made of threads or cords, a remaining amount after expenses or deductions, or a piece of netting. It can be used in various contexts, such as fishing, sports, finance, and fashion. Examples include 'The fisherman cast his net into the sea,' 'After taxes, her net income was $50,000,' and 'The tennis ball got caught in the net.' Phrases like 'safety net' and idioms like 'cast one's net wide' extend the meaning of 'net' to social and metaphorical contexts.

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