nutriment Definition

  • 1food or nourishment, especially when taken in by plants or animals and used to sustain life and growth
  • 2something that provides mental or spiritual nourishment

Using nutriment: Examples

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    The soil provides nutriment for the plants.

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    Breast milk is the best source of nutriment for babies.

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    Reading books is a great source of mental nutriment.

nutriment Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for nutriment

Phrases with nutriment

  • the process by which nutrients are cycled through an ecosystem


    The nutriment cycle is essential for maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

  • a system that delivers nutrients to the body, such as the digestive system


    The nutriment delivery system is responsible for breaking down food and absorbing nutrients.

  • something that provides spiritual nourishment, such as art or music


    For many people, nature is a source of nutriment for the soul.

Origins of nutriment

from Latin 'nutrimentum', meaning 'nourishment'


Summary: nutriment in Brief

The term 'nutriment' [ˈnjuːtrɪmənt] refers to food or nourishment that sustains life and growth, as well as something that provides mental or spiritual nourishment. Examples include breast milk for babies and reading books for mental nutriment. The term extends into phrases like 'nutriment cycle,' which describes the process by which nutrients are cycled through an ecosystem.