occurrence Definition

  • 1an incident or event, especially one that is noteworthy or significant
  • 2the fact or frequency of something happening

Using occurrence: Examples

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    The occurrence of the earthquake was unexpected.

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    The frequent occurrence of car accidents on this road is concerning.

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    The occurrence of the disease has increased in recent years.

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    The occurrence of the full moon is a natural phenomenon.

occurrence Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for occurrence

Idioms Using occurrence

  • an event that is significant or noteworthy


    The election of the first female president was an occurrence of note.

  • an unusual or unexpected event that is not likely to happen again


    The sudden hailstorm in the middle of summer was a freak occurrence.

  • something that happens regularly and is not considered unusual or remarkable


    In many cities, traffic congestion is an everyday occurrence.

Phrases with occurrence

  • an event that happens unexpectedly or by chance


    The discovery of the lost manuscript was a chance occurrence.

  • something that happens frequently or regularly


    Traffic jams are a common occurrence during rush hour.

  • something that happens infrequently or seldom


    Snowfall in this region is a rare occurrence.

Origins of occurrence

from Latin 'occurrere', meaning 'to happen'


Summary: occurrence in Brief

The term 'occurrence' [əˈkʌrəns] refers to an incident or event that is noteworthy or significant, or the fact or frequency of something happening. It can describe both expected and unexpected events, such as 'The occurrence of the full moon is a natural phenomenon,' and 'The occurrence of the earthquake was unexpected.' Phrases like 'common occurrence' and idioms like 'an occurrence of note' further illustrate its usage.

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