optimize Definition

  • 1make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity, or resource)
  • 2modify (something) to make it suitable for a particular use or purpose

Using optimize: Examples

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    We need to optimize our resources to achieve maximum efficiency.

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    The software is designed to optimize website performance.

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    He optimized his resume to match the job requirements.

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    The company is looking for ways to optimize their production process.

optimize Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using optimize

  • to design or modify something to work well with a particular system, device, or platform


    The website was optimized for mobile devices to improve user experience.

  • a solution that is not the best possible but is still acceptable or satisfactory


    Although it was a suboptimal solution, it was the best we could do given the time constraints.

  • over-optimization

    the act of optimizing something to such an extent that it becomes less effective or efficient


    The company's over-optimization of their website resulted in a penalty from the search engine.

Phrases with optimize

  • the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a website through organic search engine results


    The company hired an expert in search engine optimization to improve their online presence.

  • a mathematical problem in which one seeks to minimize or maximize a function by systematically choosing the values of real or integer variables from within an allowed set


    The optimization problem was solved using linear programming techniques.

  • a procedure for finding the best solution to an optimization problem


    The optimization algorithm used in this study was able to find the optimal solution in a reasonable amount of time.

Origins of optimize

from Latin 'optimus', meaning 'best'


Summary: optimize in Brief

To 'optimize' [ˈɒptɪmʌɪz] means to make the best or most effective use of a situation, opportunity, or resource. It can also refer to modifying something to make it suitable for a particular use or purpose. Examples include optimizing resources for maximum efficiency and optimizing software for website performance. 'Optimize' extends into phrases like 'search engine optimization,' and idioms like 'optimize for,' denoting design or modification for specific systems or platforms.