refine Definition

  • 1to make something pure or improve it by removing unwanted substances
  • 2to improve an idea, method, system, etc. by making small changes

Using refine: Examples

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  • Example

    The oil is refined to remove impurities.

  • Example

    She refined her recipe over time to make it more delicious.

  • Example

    The company is constantly refining its marketing strategy.

refine Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using refine

  • a person or thing with potential or talent but lacking polish or refinement


    He may seem unimpressive now, but he's a diamond in the rough who just needs some refining.

  • to solve problems or difficulties through careful planning and attention to detail


    We need to refine our plan and iron out the kinks before we can move forward.

  • to clarify or make something more precise


    Let me put a fine point on what I'm trying to say: we need to refine our approach if we want to succeed.

Phrases with refine

  • a highly developed and discriminating sense of what is good or appropriate


    Her refined taste in art made her a respected critic.

  • refine one's skills

    to improve one's abilities through practice and training


    He spent years refining his skills as a musician.

  • refine one's manners

    to improve one's behavior and etiquette


    She attended a finishing school to refine her manners and social skills.

Origins of refine

from Old French 'refiner', from Latin 'refinare', from 're-' (expressing intensive force) + 'finis' (end, limit)


Summary: refine in Brief

To 'refine' [rɪˈfaɪn] means to purify or improve something by removing unwanted substances, or to improve an idea, method, system, etc. by making small changes. Examples include refining oil, refining a recipe, and refining a marketing strategy. Phrases like 'refined taste' and 'refine one's skills' denote highly developed abilities, while idioms like 'diamond in the rough' and 'put a fine point on something' suggest potential for improvement and precision.