oration Definition

a formal speech, especially one given on a ceremonial occasion.

Using oration: Examples

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    The president delivered an oration at the graduation ceremony.

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    The funeral oration was very moving.

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    He gave an oration on the importance of education.

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    The oration was well-received by the audience.

oration Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with oration

  • a competition in which participants deliver formal speeches and are judged on their delivery, content, and overall performance


    She won first place in the oration contest with her powerful speech on climate change.

  • a speech given at a funeral to honor and remember the deceased


    The priest delivered a beautiful funeral oration for the departed soul.

  • a speech given by a newly elected official at their inauguration ceremony


    The governor's inaugural oration focused on his vision for the state's future.

Origins of oration

from Latin 'oratio', meaning 'speech'


Summary: oration in Brief

The term 'oration' [əˈreɪʃn] refers to a formal speech, often given on ceremonial occasions. It can be used in various contexts, such as graduation ceremonies, funerals, and political events. Examples include 'The president delivered an oration at the graduation ceremony.' and 'The oration was well-received by the audience.' Phrases like 'oration contest' and 'funeral oration' extend the usage of the term.

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