oratory Definition

  • 1the art or practice of formal public speaking
  • 2a formal public speech

Using oratory: Examples

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    He was known for his oratory skills and could captivate an audience with his speeches.

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    The politician delivered a powerful oratory on the importance of education reform.

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    The oratory was met with a standing ovation from the crowd.

oratory Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for oratory

Phrases with oratory

  • a small chapel or room used for private prayer and worship


    The monastery had a small chapel oratory where the monks could go to pray in solitude.

  • a competition in which participants deliver formal speeches to an audience and judges


    The school held an oratory contest to encourage students to improve their public speaking skills.

  • oratory skills

    the ability to deliver effective and persuasive speeches in public


    She honed her oratory skills by practicing in front of a mirror and recording herself.

Origins of oratory

from Latin 'oratorius', meaning 'of speaking or pleading'


Summary: oratory in Brief

The term 'oratory' [ˈɔːrətəri] refers to the art and practice of formal public speaking, as well as a formal public speech. It encompasses synonyms like 'rhetoric' and 'eloquence,' and is often used to describe someone's skills in delivering effective and persuasive speeches. Examples of oratory include a politician's speech on education reform or a powerful speech that receives a standing ovation.