ornamental Definition

  • 1serving or intended as an ornament; decorative
  • 2of or relating to the art of decorating

Using ornamental: Examples

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  • Example

    The garden is filled with ornamental plants and flowers.

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    The vase is purely ornamental and has no practical use.

  • Example

    The building's facade is adorned with ornamental details.

ornamental Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with ornamental

  • a tree grown for its decorative value rather than for timber or fruit production


    The front yard is decorated with an ornamental cherry tree.

  • decorative ironwork used in architecture, furniture, or other decorative arts


    The balcony was adorned with beautiful ornamental ironwork.

  • a pond created for aesthetic purposes rather than for fish farming or irrigation


    The backyard has a small ornamental pond with a fountain.


Summary: ornamental in Brief

The term 'ornamental' [awr-nuh-men-tl] refers to something that serves as a decoration or is related to the art of decorating. It can be used to describe plants, objects, or architectural details that are meant to be visually pleasing. Examples include 'The garden is filled with ornamental plants and flowers' and 'The building's facade is adorned with ornamental details.'