perform Definition

  • 1to carry out a task, duty, or role as required
  • 2to entertain an audience by playing music, acting, dancing, or doing other artistic activities
  • 3to operate a machine or equipment to achieve a specific function

Using perform: Examples

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  • Example

    The team will perform a series of experiments to test the hypothesis.

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    The band is scheduled to perform at the concert tonight.

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    The surgeon will perform the operation tomorrow morning.

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    The computer program is designed to perform a variety of tasks automatically.

perform Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using perform

  • to behave in an exaggerated or insincere way in order to impress or deceive others


    I don't trust him. He's always putting on a performance to make himself look good.

  • a special performance given for a particular person or group of people


    The queen requested a command performance of the play, so the actors had to rehearse extra hard to make sure everything was perfect.

  • a performance given by a single person, especially a musician or actor


    The singer gave a stunning solo performance of her latest hit song.

Phrases with perform

  • to do something that seems impossible or very unlikely


    The doctor's skill and expertise allowed him to perform a miracle and save the patient's life.

  • to do something helpful or useful for someone else


    The company is committed to performing a service for its customers by providing high-quality products and excellent customer support.

  • to do well or succeed in a difficult or stressful situation


    The athlete has a reputation for performing well under pressure, which is why he is considered one of the best in his sport.

Origins of perform

from Anglo-French 'parfournir', meaning 'to carry out'


Summary: perform in Brief

To 'perform' [pərˈfɔːm] means to carry out a task, duty, or role, to entertain an audience through art, or to operate a machine or equipment. Examples include 'The team will perform a series of experiments,' and 'The band is scheduled to perform at the concert tonight.' Phrases like 'perform a miracle' and idioms like 'put on a performance' extend the term's usage to denote impressive feats or insincere behavior.

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