solo Definition

  • 1a piece of music or a dance performance performed by one person
  • 2an activity done alone, especially when something is usually done with other people
  • 3a card game in which one player plays against the others

Using solo: Examples

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  • Example

    He played a beautiful guitar solo.

  • Example

    I went on a solo trip to Europe last summer.

  • Example

    She enjoys playing solo games like chess and solitaire.

  • Example

    I won the game of solo against my friends.

solo Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with solo

  • to do something alone, without the help or presence of others


    After working for several years, she decided to go solo and start her own business.

  • a musician who performs alone, without accompaniment from a band or orchestra


    He started his career as a solo artist, but later joined a band.

  • a flight made by a pilot alone, without a co-pilot or passengers


    After completing his training, he made his first solo flight.

Origins of solo

from Italian 'solo', meaning 'alone'


Summary: solo in Brief

The term 'solo' [ˈsoʊloʊ] refers to a performance or activity done alone, such as a musical piece or a trip. It can also refer to a card game played by one person. Phrases like 'go solo' denote doing something alone, while 'solo artist' refers to a musician who performs alone.

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