perky Definition

lively and cheerful, especially in a way that is attractive or appealing.

Using perky: Examples

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    She had a perky personality that made everyone around her feel happy.

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    The perky music made me want to dance.

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    She wore a perky little hat on her head.

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    The puppy's perky ears stood up straight.

perky Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for perky

Phrases with perky

  • perky breasts

    breasts that are firm and appear to be lifted


    She had perky breasts even after having children.

  • a buttocks that is firm and appears lifted


    She worked out regularly to maintain her perky butt.

  • perky pet

    an energetic and lively pet


    Her perky pet dog always greeted her with a wagging tail.


Summary: perky in Brief

The term 'perky' [ˈpɜːrki] describes someone or something that is lively, cheerful, and attractive. It can refer to a person's personality, music, or physical features like 'perky breasts' or 'perky butt.' 'Perky' is often used to describe pets that are energetic and lively.

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