pregnant Definition

  • 1having a child or young developing in the uterus
  • 2full of meaning or significance

Using pregnant: Examples

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    She is pregnant with her first child.

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    The test showed that she was pregnant.

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    The book is pregnant with meaning and symbolism.

pregnant Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with pregnant

  • to conceive a child


    It took them a year to get pregnant.

  • a silence or pause that is full of meaning or significance


    After his announcement, there was a pregnant pause as everyone processed the news.

  • full of potential or promise


    The new project is pregnant with possibility, and we're excited to see where it goes.

Origins of pregnant

from Latin 'praegnans', meaning 'with child'


Summary: pregnant in Brief

The term 'pregnant' [ˈprɛɡnənt] refers to having a child or young developing in the uterus. It can also mean full of meaning or significance, as in 'The book is pregnant with meaning and symbolism.' Phrases like 'get pregnant' and 'pregnant pause' are common, while 'pregnant with possibility' denotes potential or promise.

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