profoundness Definition

  • 1the quality or state of being profound; depth
  • 2intellectual depth; penetrating knowledge or insight

Using profoundness: Examples

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    The profoundness of his ideas left the audience in awe.

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    Her writing is known for its profoundness and emotional depth.

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    The speaker's profoundness on the subject was evident from the start.

profoundness Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for profoundness

Phrases with profoundness

  • the quality of having deep and insightful thoughts


    His profoundness of thought was evident in his philosophical writings.

  • the quality of having deep and intense emotions


    The profoundness of feeling in her poetry resonated with readers.

  • the quality of silence that is deep and meaningful


    The profoundness of silence in the meditation retreat was a transformative experience.


Summary: profoundness in Brief

Profoundness [prəˈfaʊndnəs] refers to the quality or state of being profound, characterized by intellectual depth and penetrating knowledge. It is often used to describe the depth of ideas, emotions, and insights, as in 'The profoundness of his ideas left the audience in awe.' 'Profoundness' can be further qualified by phrases like 'profoundness of thought,' 'profoundness of feeling,' and 'profoundness of silence,' each denoting a different aspect of depth.