prophecy Definition

  • 1a prediction of what will happen in the future, often made under divine inspiration
  • 2the power or ability to predict the future

Using prophecy: Examples

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    The prophecy foretold the coming of a great leader.

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    Many people believe that Nostradamus's prophecies have come true.

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    The prophecy of doom was not fulfilled.

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    The prophecy of a bountiful harvest came true.

prophecy Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for prophecy

Idioms Using prophecy

  • a person who is not recognized or appreciated in their own home or among their own people


    He was a prophet in his own land, but his ideas were embraced by people from other countries.

  • prophets of doom

    people who always predict that bad things will happen


    The prophets of doom were predicting the end of the world again.

  • to make a prediction come true


    His actions fulfilled the prophecy that he would become a great leader.

Phrases with prophecy

  • self-fulfilling prophecy

    a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, due to positive feedback between belief and behavior


    Her belief that she would fail the test became a self-fulfilling prophecy when she didn't study enough.

  • a prediction that does not come true


    The false prophecy of the end of the world caused widespread panic.

  • a prediction that comes true


    The prophecy of a great flood was fulfilled when the city was submerged in water.

Origins of prophecy

from Greek 'prophēteia', meaning 'gift of interpreting the will of the gods'


Summary: prophecy in Brief

The term 'prophecy' [ˈprɒfəsi] refers to a prediction of future events, often made under divine inspiration. It can also denote the power or ability to predict the future. Examples include 'The prophecy foretold the coming of a great leader,' and 'The prophecy of a bountiful harvest came true.' Phrases like 'self-fulfilling prophecy' and idioms like 'prophets of doom' are also common.

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