provincial Definition

  • 1of or concerning a province of a country or empire
  • 2having the ways, manners, and viewpoints considered characteristic of unsophisticated provinces; rustic or narrow-minded
  • 3limited in perspective; narrow and self-centered

Using provincial: Examples

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    She has a provincial accent.

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    The town's provincial atmosphere was charming.

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    He had a provincial outlook on life.

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    The company's provincial policies were outdated.

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Idioms Using provincial

  • a narrow or limited perspective on life, often associated with living in a rural or isolated area


    His provincial outlook prevented him from seeing the benefits of diversity.

  • a mindset characterized by narrow-mindedness, lack of exposure to different cultures and ideas, and resistance to change


    Her provincial thinking made her reluctant to try new things.

  • a narrow or limited perspective on life, often associated with living in a rural or isolated area


    The film portrayed the provincialism of small-town America in the 1950s.

Phrases with provincial

  • provincial capital

    the city or town that serves as the administrative center of a province


    The provincial capital is located in the southern part of the province.

  • the government of a province, typically consisting of a governor and a council


    The provincial government announced new measures to support small businesses.

  • a protected area of land and/or water managed by a provincial government for conservation, recreation, and tourism purposes


    We went camping in the provincial park last summer.

Origins of provincial

from Latin 'provincia', meaning 'a conquered territory'


Summary: provincial in Brief

The term 'provincial' [pruh-vin-shuhl] refers to something related to a province or having the characteristics of an unsophisticated province. It can describe a narrow-minded or limited perspective, as in 'He had a provincial outlook on life.' 'Provincial' extends into phrases like 'provincial park,' and idioms like 'provincial thinking,' denoting a mindset characterized by narrow-mindedness.

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