putrid Definition

  • 1decaying or rotting and emitting a fetid smell
  • 2utterly unpleasant; morally corrupt

Using putrid: Examples

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    The putrid smell of the garbage made me feel sick.

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    The meat was putrid and inedible.

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    The politician's putrid behavior was exposed by the media.

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    The putrid state of the river was a result of industrial pollution.

putrid Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using putrid

  • an unpleasant or unhealthy environment


    The office had a putrid atmosphere due to the constant arguments and tension between coworkers.

  • completely corrupt or morally bankrupt


    The government was putrid with corruption, with officials taking bribes and embezzling funds.

  • extremely bad luck or fortune


    He had putrid luck at the casino, losing all his money in just a few hours.

Phrases with putrid

  • bad breath that smells foul and unpleasant


    The dentist recommended that he use mouthwash to get rid of his putrid breath.

  • a severe form of typhus characterized by high fever, delirium, and a putrid odor from the skin and breath


    Many soldiers died from putrid fever during the war.

  • putrid sore throat

    an acute infectious disease caused by streptococcal bacteria, characterized by inflammation and pain in the throat and tonsils, and often accompanied by fever, headache, and vomiting


    She was diagnosed with putrid sore throat and prescribed antibiotics.

Origins of putrid

from Latin 'putridus', meaning 'rotten'


Summary: putrid in Brief

'Putrid' [ˈpjuːtrɪd] describes things that are decaying and emitting a foul odor, or things that are utterly unpleasant or morally corrupt. Examples include 'The putrid smell of the garbage made me feel sick.' and 'The politician's putrid behavior was exposed by the media.' Phrases like 'putrid breath' and idioms like 'a putrid atmosphere' extend the term's usage. 'Putrid' is a formal synonym for 'foul' and 'noxious,' and an informal synonym for 'gross' and 'disgusting.'

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