repetition Definition

  • 1the action of repeating something that has already been said or written
  • 2the recurrence of an action or event

Using repetition: Examples

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    The teacher emphasized the importance of repetition in language learning.

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    The repetition of the chorus in the song makes it catchy.

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    The repetition of the same mistake led to his failure.

repetition Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for repetition

Phrases with repetition

  • a psychological phenomenon in which a person repeats a traumatic event or its circumstances over and over again


    Her repetition compulsion caused her to repeatedly enter into abusive relationships.

  • a situation where something is repeated so often that it becomes tedious or boring


    The endless repetition of the same tasks at work made him feel demotivated.

  • a rhetorical device in which a word or phrase is repeated to emphasize its importance or significance


    In his speech, the politician used repetition for emphasis to drive home his point.

Origins of repetition

from Latin 'repetitio', meaning 'repetition, recital'


Summary: repetition in Brief

Repetition [ˌrɛpəˈtɪʃən] refers to the act of repeating something that has already been said or written or the recurrence of an action or event. It is important in language learning and can be used as a rhetorical device for emphasis. However, endless repetition can become tedious and demotivating, as in the case of repetitive tasks at work.