ring Definition

  • 1a small circular band, typically of precious metal and often set with one or more gemstones, worn on a finger as an ornament or a token of marriage, engagement, or authority
  • 2a telephone call
  • 3a sound made by a bell or other sonorous object when rung

Using ring: Examples

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  • Example

    She wore a diamond ring on her finger.

  • Example

    I'll give you a ring later to discuss the details.

  • Example

    The church bells rang loudly.

  • Example

    He rang the doorbell twice but no one answered.

ring Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using ring

  • outclass or outperform someone easily


    She ran rings around her competitors in the race.

  • seem familiar or similar to something that has been heard or experienced before


    The story had a familiar ring to it, like something I had read before.

  • declare oneself as a candidate for a position or competition


    After much consideration, she decided to throw her hat in the ring for the mayoral election.

Phrases with ring

  • end a telephone conversation by replacing the receiver


    I have to go now, I'll ring off.

  • be or seem to be authentic or genuine


    His story didn't ring true to me.

  • ring a bell

    sound familiar or remind one of something


    That name doesn't ring a bell. Have we met before?

Origins of ring

Old English 'hringan', meaning 'to sound'


Summary: ring in Brief

The term 'ring' [rɪŋ] refers to a small circular band worn on a finger as an ornament or a symbol of marriage, engagement, or authority. It also means a telephone call or a sound made by a bell or other sonorous object when rung. Phrases like 'ring off' and 'ring true' extend its meanings, while idioms like 'run rings around' and 'throw one's hat in the ring' add figurative dimensions.

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