rotation Definition

  • 1the action or process of rotating on or as if on an axis or center
  • 2a regular cycle of events or phenomena that repeats or is renewed in the same order

Using rotation: Examples

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    The Earth's rotation causes day and night.

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    The tires need rotation every 5,000 miles.

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    The staff schedule rotation ensures everyone gets a chance to work different shifts.

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    The rotation of crops helps maintain soil fertility.

rotation Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using rotation

  • to take turns doing something


    The members of the committee passed in rotation, each taking a turn to speak.

  • to leave a position or role after a certain period of time and be replaced by someone else


    After serving two terms, the senator will rotate out and be replaced by a new representative.

  • to revolve or move in a circular motion around a central point or axis


    The planets rotate around the sun in a predictable pattern.

Phrases with rotation

  • a system of assigning tasks or responsibilities to different people in a group or organization in a regular sequence


    The rotation of duty among the team members ensures that everyone has a chance to take on different roles.

  • a diet that involves eating different foods in a planned sequence over a period of time


    The rotation diet is designed to prevent food allergies by varying the types of food consumed.

  • a systematic plan for rotating or changing the position of employees, crops, or other resources


    The company's rotation plan ensures that employees gain experience in different departments and roles.

Origins of rotation

from Latin 'rotatus', past participle of 'rotare', meaning 'to turn around'


Summary: rotation in Brief

The term 'rotation' [roh-tey-shuhn] refers to the action or process of turning around an axis or center. It can also refer to a regular cycle of events or phenomena that repeats in the same order. Examples include the Earth's rotation causing day and night, and the rotation of crops to maintain soil fertility. Phrases like 'rotation of duty' and 'rotation diet' denote systematic sequences of change, while idioms like 'rotate out' and 'rotate around' describe leaving a position or moving in a circular motion.

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