rustic Definition

  • 1relating to the countryside; rural
  • 2having a simplicity and charm that is considered typical of the countryside
  • 3lacking the sophistication or polish of urban society

Using rustic: Examples

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    The restaurant has a rustic decor with wooden tables and chairs.

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    The cabin in the woods had a rustic charm.

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    She wore a rustic dress made of linen.

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    The village was a rustic paradise with its green fields and fresh air.

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Idioms Using rustic

  • having a strong affinity for the countryside or rural life, despite living in an urban area


    Although he lives in the city, he is rustic at heart and loves spending time in nature.

  • the warm and welcoming treatment of guests, often associated with rural areas


    The locals showed us rustic hospitality, inviting us into their homes and sharing their food with us.

  • a lifestyle that emphasizes simplicity, self-sufficiency, and a connection to nature, often associated with rural areas


    They decided to move to the countryside and embrace rustic living, growing their own food and living off the land.

Phrases with rustic

  • food that is simple, hearty, and traditional, often associated with the countryside


    The restaurant serves rustic cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients.

  • a wedding that takes place in a rural or countryside setting, often with a simple and natural theme


    They had a rustic wedding in a barn decorated with wildflowers and burlap.

  • the quality of being simple, unpretentious, and attractive, often associated with the countryside


    The old farmhouse had a rustic charm that attracted many visitors.

Origins of rustic

from Latin 'rusticus', meaning 'of the country'


Summary: rustic in Brief

The term 'rustic' [ˈrʌstɪk] refers to things related to the countryside, often characterized by simplicity and charm. It can describe anything from decor to clothing, as in 'The cabin in the woods had a rustic charm.' The phrase 'rustic cuisine' refers to traditional, hearty food, while 'rustic wedding' describes a ceremony in a rural setting. Idioms like 'rustic at heart' denote a love for rural life, and 'rustic hospitality' refers to the warm welcome given to guests in rural areas.

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