satisfy Definition

  • 1to please someone by giving them what they want or need
  • 2to make someone feel that their needs or desires have been met
  • 3to fulfill a requirement or condition

Using satisfy: Examples

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    Eating a snack will satisfy your hunger.

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    I am satisfied with the service I received at the restaurant.

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    The company must satisfy certain legal requirements before it can operate.

satisfy Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using satisfy

  • to do something to please oneself without regard for others


    He satisfied himself by taking all the credit for the project.

  • to be visually pleasing


    The colorful flowers in the garden satisfy the eye.

  • to eat enough food to stop feeling hungry


    She ate a sandwich to satisfy her hunger pangs.

Phrases with satisfy

  • satisfy one's curiosity

    to learn or discover something that one is interested in


    I read the book to satisfy my curiosity about the author's life.

  • to pay off a debt in full


    He used his savings to satisfy the debt he owed to the bank.

  • to fulfill a strong desire for something, especially food


    I ate a piece of chocolate to satisfy my craving for something sweet.

Origins of satisfy

from Middle English 'satisfien', from Old French 'satisfaire', from Latin 'satis' (enough) + 'facere' (to make)


Summary: satisfy in Brief

The verb 'satisfy' [ˈsætɪsfaɪ] means to please or fulfill someone's needs or desires, or to meet a requirement or condition. It can be used in phrases like 'satisfy one's curiosity' and idioms like 'satisfy oneself,' which means to please oneself without regard for others. 'Satisfy' has synonyms like 'fulfill' and 'gratify,' and antonyms like 'disappoint' and 'dissatisfy.'

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