septic Definition

  • 1causing or relating to infection or decay, especially of living tissue
  • 2infected with bacteria that cause sepsis

Using septic: Examples

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    The wound became septic after he failed to clean it properly.

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    Septic shock is a life-threatening condition caused by a severe infection.

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    The septic tank needs to be emptied regularly to prevent overflow.

septic Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for septic

Phrases with septic

  • a wastewater treatment system that uses natural processes to treat and purify household sewage


    The house is not connected to the city's sewer system, so it has its own septic system.

  • a type of joint infection caused by bacteria


    Septic arthritis can cause severe pain and swelling in the affected joint.

  • a serious bloodstream infection that can lead to sepsis


    The patient was diagnosed with septicemia and was immediately given antibiotics.

Origins of septic

from Greek 'sēptikos', meaning 'putrefying'


Summary: septic in Brief

The term 'septic' [ˈsɛptɪk] refers to something that causes or relates to infection or decay, especially of living tissue. It can also refer to an infection with bacteria that cause sepsis. Examples include a septic wound, septic shock, and a septic tank. 'Septic' extends into phrases like 'septic system,' which is a wastewater treatment system, and 'septic arthritis,' which is a type of joint infection.