skunk Definition

  • 1a small black and white North American animal that produces a strong, unpleasant smell as a defence when it is frightened or attacked
  • 2a type of cannabis with a very strong smell

Using skunk: Examples

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    The skunk sprayed its scent when the predator approached.

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    The smell of skunk is very strong and unpleasant.

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    He smoked some skunk and got high.

skunk Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for skunk

Phrases with skunk

  • a project team or department in a company that is given a high degree of autonomy and resources to work on an advanced or secret project


    The company's skunk works division is responsible for developing new technologies.

  • the time of night when the smell of skunks is most noticeable


    I always close my windows during skunk hour to avoid the smell.

  • beer that has been exposed to light and has a bad taste and smell


    The beer tasted terrible because it was skunked.


Summary: skunk in Brief

A 'skunk' [skʌŋk] is a small North American animal that sprays a strong, unpleasant smell when threatened. It is also a type of cannabis with a very strong smell. The term extends into phrases like 'skunk works,' referring to a project team given a high degree of autonomy, and 'skunk hour,' the time of night when the smell of skunks is most noticeable.

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