stormy Definition

  • 1characterized by or subject to storms; tumultuous or tempestuous
  • 2full of angry or violent outbursts of emotion

Using stormy: Examples

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    The stormy weather made it difficult to travel.

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    Their relationship was stormy and full of arguments.

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    The meeting ended in a stormy debate.

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    The team had a stormy season with many losses.

stormy Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for stormy

Idioms Using stormy

  • to endure a difficult or challenging situation


    Despite the stormy weather, the hikers were determined to weather the storm and reach the summit.

  • to wait patiently until a difficult or challenging situation has passed


    The company decided to ride out the storm and wait for the market to improve before making any major changes.

  • a situation where people get very upset or angry about something that is not important


    The argument over the missing pen was just a storm in a teacup.

Phrases with stormy

  • a seabird that is often seen near the sea surface during storms


    The stormy petrel is known for its ability to fly low over the water during storms.

  • rough or turbulent waters caused by a storm


    The sailors struggled to navigate through the stormy seas.

  • a relationship marked by frequent arguments or conflicts


    Their stormy relationship finally came to an end after years of fighting.


Summary: stormy in Brief

Stormy [ˈstɔːrmi] refers to situations characterized by storms or tumultuous emotions. It can describe weather, relationships, debates, and seasons, as in 'The stormy weather made it difficult to travel.' 'Stormy' extends into phrases like 'stormy petrel,' and idioms like 'weather the storm,' denoting endurance, and 'a storm in a teacup,' implying a trivial matter.

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