stream Definition

  • 1a small, narrow river
  • 2a continuous flow of liquid, air, or gas
  • 3a continuous flow of people or things

Using stream: Examples

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    The stream flowed gently through the meadow.

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    A stream of water poured out of the faucet.

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    A stream of cars filled the highway during rush hour.

stream Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using stream

  • to follow the general trend or direction of something


    He decided to go with the stream and pursue a career in finance like most of his peers.

  • a difficult struggle against opposing forces or circumstances


    The company faced an upstream battle in trying to win back customers after a major product recall.

  • to cause trouble or controversy


    He didn't want to make waves at work, so he kept quiet about his concerns.

Phrases with stream

  • a literary style in which a character's thoughts, feelings, and reactions are depicted in a continuous flow uninterrupted by objective description or conventional dialogue


    The novel makes use of the stream of consciousness technique to convey the protagonist's innermost thoughts.

  • a continuous flow of vehicles on a road


    The stream of traffic on the highway was moving slowly due to an accident.

  • stream of visitors

    a continuous flow of people visiting a place


    The museum had a steady stream of visitors throughout the day.


Summary: stream in Brief

The term 'stream' [striːm] refers to a small, narrow river, a continuous flow of liquid, air, or gas, or a continuous flow of people or things. It extends into phrases like 'stream of consciousness,' and idioms like 'go with the stream,' denoting following the general trend, and 'make waves,' implying causing trouble or controversy.

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