sylvan Definition

relating to or characteristic of forests or woodland.

Using sylvan: Examples

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    The sylvan landscape was breathtakingly beautiful.

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    The cabin was situated in a sylvan setting, surrounded by trees and wildlife.

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    The sylvan charm of the village attracted many tourists.

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    The sylvan path led us through a dense forest.

sylvan Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for sylvan

Phrases with sylvan

  • a god or goddess associated with forests or woodland


    Pan is a sylvan deity in Greek mythology.

  • an animal that lives in forests or woodland


    The deer is a sylvan creature that is often seen in the woods.

  • music that evokes the peaceful and natural atmosphere of a forest or woodland


    The sylvan music played by the orchestra created a serene and calming effect on the audience.

Origins of sylvan

from Latin 'silva', meaning 'wood'


Summary: sylvan in Brief

'Sylvan' [ˈsɪlvən] is an adjective that describes something related to forests or woodland. It can be used to describe landscapes, settings, paths, and charms, as in 'The sylvan landscape was breathtakingly beautiful.' 'Sylvan' also extends into phrases like 'sylvan deity,' referring to gods or goddesses associated with forests, and 'sylvan music,' which evokes the peaceful atmosphere of a forest.