treaty Definition

a formally concluded and ratified agreement between countries.

Using treaty: Examples

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    The treaty was signed by the two countries to end the war.

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    The peace treaty was negotiated by the United Nations.

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    The treaty of Versailles ended World War I.

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    The treaty was ratified by the Senate.

treaty Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for treaty

Phrases with treaty

  • an agreement between two countries


    The bilateral treaty between the US and Canada strengthened their economic ties.

  • an agreement between three or more countries


    The multilateral treaty on climate change was signed by over 190 countries.

  • an agreement between warring parties to end a war


    The peace treaty between Israel and Egypt was signed in 1979.

Origins of treaty

from Old French 'traité', meaning 'agreement'


Summary: treaty in Brief

The term 'treaty' [ˈtriːti] refers to a formal agreement between countries that has been concluded and ratified. It is often used in the context of ending wars, such as 'The treaty of Versailles ended World War I.' 'Treaty' can also be modified by phrases like 'bilateral treaty' and 'multilateral treaty,' which refer to agreements between two or more countries.

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