accord Definition

  • 1an official agreement or treaty
  • 2a harmonious relationship or compatibility
  • 3give or grant someone (power, status, or recognition)

Using accord: Examples

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  • Example

    The two countries signed a peace accord.

  • Example

    The company and the union reached an accord after months of negotiations.

  • Example

    The colors of the curtains are in accord with the walls.

  • Example

    The results of the study are in accord with previous research.

accord Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with accord

  • of one's own accord

    voluntarily or without prompting from others


    He came to the meeting of his own accord.

  • in agreement or harmony with something


    The new policy is in accord with the company's values.

  • with everyone in agreement or at the same time


    The crowd cheered with one accord as the team scored the winning goal.

Origins of accord

from Old French 'acorder', meaning 'bring to an agreement'


Summary: accord in Brief

An 'accord' [əˈkɔːd] can refer to an official agreement or treaty, such as a peace accord between two countries. It can also refer to a harmonious relationship or compatibility, as in 'The colors of the curtains are in accord with the walls.' As a verb, 'accord' means to give or grant someone power, status, or recognition. Phrases like 'of one's own accord' and 'in accord with' denote voluntary action and agreement, respectively.